Apply What You Learn


A few months ago during training for a customer, one of the employees made his voice heard and told me, Rafi, come on with something new, (we meet 2 times a year for refreshing security procedures), I have to admit the first second I was a little shocked, but I immediately after, I  told him that first of all there must be a personal responsibility of him to implement what we learn in the workplace, and in his personal life what he learns from me or others.

I truly believe that neither I nor anyone else can do the job instead of someone, in my work with the clients, I place great emphasis on the application, I and my team and invest a lot of time and resources to show the employees the way, because without it nothing happens that is right for them.

For many years I acquired knowledge and immediately received a huge incentive of happiness for my emotions, the fact that I bought a good book, does not mean that it is tailor-made for my life, instead of facing the challenges and investing effort to learn and apply them, a lot of employees really depend on physical, such as cameras and alarms, doors, and other devices, and do not really take responsibility for who they are, and what they have learned,  they don’t want to move from their corner, which is comfortable, and you don’t have to work hard in it.

We don’t always have the time and patience for something that takes away from our time, but in the case of the employee who complained that I would come up with something new, I want to say that I’m not dealing with TikTok, or other media that disappear over time, I want to stay true to who I am, and with the materials I deliver, the responsibility is on the employees’ part to take it and create from it an action that does good for the workplace, and for the growth of the employee as an individual.

Changes take time, in one second any perception I hold can change, but to act according to a new conception and assimilate good habits and new actions takes time, and to apply the knowledge I say the second time you must take what you learn and apply it for the best.

What do I suggest to such an employee?

  1. Learning is good but don’t forget to take it to a place of doing.
  2. You must take responsibility and not allow others to take responsibility, a camera doesn’t know how to take responsibility, you do.
  3. The effectiveness of what you learn will blow and grow the employee to wonderful places.


Rafael Saadon – Think Security Online