Discovering the Profound Impact of Security


Why did I choose the security profession in which I have been engaged for over 30 years, guiding employees in the field of decorating and especially why do I suggest that everyone engage in teaching and training?

The truth is that I didn’t choose it, once I arrived in Denmark, I knew a store owner who face a lot of challenges, and I decided to help there.  My dreams and career planning were to continue my fieldwork in security, where I had daily contact and dialogue with people, in 2000 everything changed and took me to new places.

So, the question is not why did I start it? But why I continued and why I recommend anyone to consider engaging in training.

The training profession is first a profession with a vocation… An act that allows you to share your knowledge with others and basically cause the growth and development of others. I feel that there are many generations of professionals and managers that I have touched in training and helped them in growth and in realizing their potential.

The day I realized the gift I was given in life, I began to give it to others, always with a huge giving, anyone who engages in training (especially in the field of awareness) also knows that the training makes you more professional, because you also prepare for the lessons and deepen in the material, you are also exposed during the training to a lot of insights and questions that come from the trainees which generates another level and deepening of the knowledge.

Many surely say…. So how can I start? and we made it simple, out of the great knowledge I have accumulated in recent years, I decided to concentrate the knowledge within patterns that teach others the knowledge, of course one who started today cannot become an expert instructor, but certainly reduces a lot of time of study that took me many years.

This tool to think security is very essential, and today the employee needs it to be prepared for all kind of situations in the workplace, the training is varied, and allows the learner to take part in circles, and make you strong thanks to the knowledge that the employee learns.

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Rafael Saadon – Think Security Online