Get to Know Another Philosophy


I would like to share with you what happens to me in the business, there are typical customers who purchase from me because a problem arises, something happens to them in a business that bothers them, and I arrive at a perfect time, so many times I feel like a lifeline at first, the client is really happy, really thankful for the opportunity – how you fell to him exactly in time.

But later, it turns out that there are problems, because the solution is temporary, it is a kind of plaster, the customer himself is not the one who is going to persevere, it is difficult to preserve him, it is difficult to please him, and more than that – while you give him the service, it is imperative to recruit many more like him, constantly an endless pursuit.

I must admit that this is not the way I chose to engage in business, for me even difficult and unwise.

The solution I produced is to stop selling lifelines, and instead bring the customer to the state that he invests in you over time, I improve their lives, keep them safe, and they become my good customers, who are preserved over time, a customer who understands the processes I put him, and connects to philosophy.

Is it now a time when many want lifelines? To be honest I feel that yes because they turn to me and want an immediate solution, a solution like a magician pulls the dove of peace out of his sleeve, I always tell clients that I am not a magician, and the path can be difficult, but over time it will be worthwhile as an investment.

In the last quarter I always do some thinking with myself, and ask who is indeed the customer I am looking for my business? A customer who believes that the way we teach employees to think security is much better than buying physical goods that cost a lot of money, are made in places that after two years already need to be replaced, and dealing with peoples is always time-consuming, well the best investment I know is in your employees.

Many times, I tell customers that I believe they will stay for a long time, let’s try to Think Security together, I can make it fun, and at the same time professional. See the difference in the early stages, your employees will be much more effective, and their productivity will improve miraculously.

And if that’s not convincing, then the next time you meet me, ask me to pull a white dove of peace out of the sleeve, I’ll show you…


Rafael Saadon – Think Security Online