Keep Employees Fit


For some reason in 2023, I feel a change in my need to provide more creative thinking to my clients, for years, the main message has been not to rely solely on physical security, and to think and plan the skills of workers in the workplace.

Today, twenty years after hundreds of training, I feel that the world in which I advise is changing in front of my eyes.

If I take an example of a jewellery store that I have known for over twenty years, I see that the place will remain as I knew it, and the main thing that changes in it is the employees and the way they work in the different roles.

The latest changes that occurred after the coronavirus, brought about a change in trends, today the employee can take on other roles, where once he had to order an external service to solve the challenges.

One of the highlights that I have been meticulous about over the years is investing in employees, to allow the employee to understand that besides his work, I teach him other skills and he automatically learns them and knows not to be in mediocrity and to remain only in his profession, this saved companies a lot of money.

Those who did not take responsibility and allowed others to take responsibility for the challenges, in fact missed a lot of knowledge and experience that the company invested in but did not accumulate the knowledge in the company.

We teach employees that they need to develop and grow, the skills are acquired in the heart of the person, who goes with them from place to place, and keep the employees safe, today this is one of the most important insights for the employee to be a leader and strong in the labour market.

Through new thinking, the employee learns to take responsibility, learn to think like a manager, solve problems with amazing abilities, and most importantly maintain their capabilities.

The labour market is renewed, and it is necessary to take care of the employment of workers, so it is worthwhile to do processes of upgrading and developing its professionalism, and in an instant that we will work in this direction, the motivation of the employee will improve, we will maintain the awareness of the learning community, and dealing with conflicts along the way.

I want to know that these are the organizations I’m interested in working with, what does that say about the organization that invests in employees in training, and exercises, who keep employees fit, so that they will be the best, and those who do not understand the changes taking place in the world, will find themselves in a place that is not renewed and belongs to a period that has already passed.


Rafael Saadon – Think Security Online