Welcome to RiskCheck – your solution for risk analysis and security improvement, all at an affordable price of DKK 2750.

With our service, a certified security expert will conduct a thorough 23-point analysis of your business to identify potential vulnerabilities and provide customized solutions for enhanced security and peace of mind.

Our assessment will cover risks such as robbery, theft, fraud, and violence. After the assessment, you’ll receive a detailed report outlining findings and realistic recommendations for improving your security measures.

RiskCheck can enhance the security of your business

We offer several benefits such as improved protection of assets, and increased confidence of customers and employees by identifying potential vulnerabilities and suggesting customized recommendations that will aid the improvement and optimization of the current security situation.

Here are 8 potential benefits that a customer may expect when getting an assessment from RiskCheck:

  1. Recommendations for enhanced security measures
  2. Improved protection of assets and inventory
  3. Assessment of physical security
  4. Employee preparation assessment
  5. Assessment of security procedures
  6. Prevention of potential financial loss due to security breaches
  7. Improved crisis management procedures
  8. Peace of mind knowing that a professional has assessed and improved the security of the business.

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