Second Before it Happens


One of my challenges in working with people is to change fixed thought patterns in them, most people I know don’t change at a certain age, people work with fixed patterns with slight changes, many times I try to shake off bad habits, and teach them to adopt better new ones.

This is not a simple pattern at all, an important tip is that almost everything that happens in our environment has a preliminary sign, and the power is to know how to recognize things a second before they happen, I don’t think it’s luck or some innate trait, it’s accumulated experience and continuous learning of something that has interested me since I was young.

A lot of companies want me to teach them, that their employees will be good at knowing how to identify the malfunctions a second before it happens, the most noticeable for me is that it come from the world of children’s.

I’m very alert to children, and I care about them, so I take great care to see that they are not in risk zones, I educated myself to stop them a second before it happens, this week we were sitting in a café, and in front of us there was a car that wanted to turn around, there was no chance in life that the driver would see what was happening behind, and two young girls decided to move with their bikes, this is exactly the second I recognize it, and alert them to cross quickly because the driver will soon run them over.

What about the others who sat with me? They also saw the event but are not practiced responding in the way I reacted, it’s a matter of practice I told them, as you learn to respond to small events, you will know how to respond to the big ones.

Knowing how to react in time is a matter of practice, I know many people who would freeze, or be afraid, I have accustomed myself to reacting to these events, and in most cases I succeed, times when I did not react and a great disaster did not really happen, I corrected with myself, and imagined the event in reconstruction, that next time I would be better.

When I started working with people I started to recognize that body language helps me, I knew how to filter what is really important and I did my focus there, suddenly I started to see things that I hadn’t seen before, I could walk around with another person on the street, we would both walk in the same direction and at the same pace, and my reality is different from his, my conscious mind knows what to look for without the other person even feel it.

I come from a place where this ability was a huge advantage at work, I always knew how to take the knowledge I’ve gained and connect it with people in a way that will help them maintain a good level of awareness that will also allow them to see what might happen one second earlier.

Today I teach people to think in these patterns and feel proud that there is a new generation that knows how to recognize things in its environment, the brain perceives the signs, and we eliminate them from laziness, instead, I would recommend emphasizing them and developing it into wonderful places because what you see from here you don’t see from there.

The development of the senses in a world full of information is essential for the survival of all of us.


Rafael Saadon – Think Security Online