Defense Procedures Manual

Clear and Updated Work Procedures: Streamlining Shop Operations

At our shop, we prioritize seamless work operations by providing clear and compre-hensivework procedures. These procedures are meticulously designed to enable employees

to carry out their tasks efficiently whenever required. We greatly value employee input and involvement, ensuring that they actively participate in the process. Annually, we update the work procedures to incorporate any necessary changes or improvements, following a thorough Threat Analysis Report.

The manual is written in the local language, ensuring easy accessibility and understanding for all employees. By regularly updating the manual, we ensure that our employees have the most up-to-date guidelines and instructions to perform their jobs effectively, fostering a productive and well-organized work environment.

Details & Benefits

  • Clear detail procedures.
  • Involvement of employees.
  • Update once a year.
  • English/Danish.
  • For employees only.

Additional Information

  • Per manual a year.
  • 50% reduced in price second year.


EUR 6500