Information Security

Real-Time Information for Enhanced Vigilance

One powerful tool we rely on every day is a group of employees who voluntarily receive crucial information about robberies, thefts, suspects and more. These employees are the ones working directly in the field, and we have established effective channels to inform them about situations in the field.

This information in real time is essential for their readiness to deal with potential threats, the information keeps them alert, and the employee’s awareness automatically improves, they are more careful in their daily operations, this allows them to get to know the work environment well and adapt to the situation, the information comes from different channels and a good knowledge of the area where the store is located, the police and other forces are involved and act according to the risks.

Details & Benefits

  • Learn to share information.
  • Send & receive crucial information in real time.
  • Keep the employees up to date.
  • Keeps the employee’s alert.
  • Learn to share with guards and police.

Additional Information

  • Requires the consent of the employees.
  • You need to download an application on your phone.
  • Price is per year.


EUR 1200