Lessons Learned after an Incident

Continuous Learning for Enhanced Security and Awareness

Continuous learning from problems is essential both for the client and in other places, methods of operation of the criminals, who the people are, the real-time response of the workers in an emergency, all of these are essential and oblige us to get to know them thoroughly, we learn in a short time from the field, and the client receives the vital insights in real time.

This allows the client to strengthen the security ring among his employees, the client receives the information through discretely determined channels, and we are also educated to pass this on to the last of the employees on the spot, it raises the level of awareness, and the employees are more careful in their routine.

Details & Benefits

  • Learning the lessons and passing them on to the employees.
  • Learn about the criminal’s modus operandi.

Additional Information

  • Package 1 only.


EUR 1250