Security Supervision

Real-Time Employee Performance Assessment: Driving Operational Excellence

We have a highly effective tool that provides a real-time snapshot of employee performance. On behalf of our company, a consultant visits the store unannounced to assess the staff’s work. Any identified issues or malfunctions are promptly reported and addressed.

The frequency of these visits is determined based on the customer’s preferences, ensuring regular monitoring and improve-mentof employee performance. This tool enables us to maintain high standards and continuously enhance operational efficiency.

Details & Benefits

  • Assess the staff’s work.
  • Ensuring regular monitoring and improvement of employee performance.
  • High standards and continuously enhance operational efficiency.

Additional Information

  • Package 1 – 3 times a month.
  • Package 2 – once a month.
  • This is a surprise visit that is not coordinated with anyone.
  • Will send an email only if we discover faults that endanger the place, or if the employees are not careful.
  • Price is per visit.


EUR 200