Think Security Online

Boost Security Awareness with “THINK SECURITY” Online Course

Our “THINK SECURITY” online course consists of six modules specifically designed to enhance security awareness among your employees and mitigate risks in the shop.

The course is available in multiple languages, including German, Danish, and English, allowing your employees to learn and apply security practices effectively in their preferred language. By completing these modules, your team will be better equipped to handle security challenges and contribute to a safer working environment.

Ensures that employees stay up to date and are well-prepared to address any challenges that may arise.

Details & Benefits

  • 6 modules.
  • Multiple languages, including German, Danish, and English.
  • Security practices effectively.
  • Handle security challenges.
  • Contribute to a safer working environment.

Additional Information

  • Package 1 – free.
  • Package 220 users.
  • Package 310 users.
  • Package 45 users.
  • Price per user.


DKK 1.050 per user.