Threat Analysis Report

Comprehensive Shop Risk Report: In-depth Analysis and Actionable Recommendations

We conduct a comprehensive risk report for the shop, focusing on three key indicators: the current situation, identified risks, and recommendationsfor improvement.

This report is intended for the shop manager’s review and can also be shared with the insurance company, if necessary. The report is prepared in either English or Danish, note that the preparation of the Threat Analysis Report for a single store may take up to three weeks from the initiation of the work.

The report is updated once a year and reported to the insurance company, if necessary, this timeframe ensures a thorough evaluation and analysis of the risks involved to provide accurate and actionable recommendations.

Details & Benefits

  • Detail Risk report.
  • 3 indicators – Current situation – Risks – Recommendations.
  • Involving the insurance company.
  • English/Danish.
  • One shop only.
  • Update report once a year.

Additional Information

50% reduced in price second year.


EUR 6500