The Six Circles Training Program


We live in times of hyper-changes – technological, social, and political – which constantly create new and unexpected risks to your business. One must, therefore, constantly update one’s defenses to keep abreast of the risks, but no technology will protect you if you do not consider the human factor. Your employees’ eyes and brains are better than any security camera, which means that the best investment you can make to protect your business is to train your employees to think security and be proactive.  

Our Six Circles training program leads your employees to adopt new habits and stay continuously updated on new threats, transforming them into an active force that deters potential criminals by sending the message that your business will be difficult to target. 

The six learning modules (“Six Circles”) are based on decades of experience in security, forming a simple, proven learning process that your employees can engage with on their computer, phone, or tablet, in their own time. After completing the learning modules, employees are tested, and when they pass, receive a certificate that attests to their having the tools and mindset needed to always be aware of potential threats and know exactly what to do about them. 

The Think Security mindset is later reinforced through on-the-job training, which ensures that your employee becomes an active part of the solution while collaborating with the rest of the team.  Your employees can now filter out unimportant information, detect suspicious situations and respond proactively to what they see in real-time – before the situation escalates. 

Your employee’s motivation also rises because they feel capable, independent, and trusted.  They will truly think security, stay alert and act professionally in all eventualities. Within a short time, you will realize that the best security investment you ever made was to invest in your employees and their awareness


Rafael Saadon – Think Security Online