Trust Nature


Many of the readers here are writing and asking me to elaborate a little about body language, the article opens a huge window into a world of millions of years, our movements symbolize something, only when you understand the logic behind postures and facial expressions, it is easier to recognize what is going on inside the other person.

For me at first everything got confused, but the deeper I learned about body language, I learned how to identify different situations, I suggest everyone not to jump and become a body language surgeon, just because the person in front of you is scratching his nose.

I have compiled here a number of tips that I make sure to remember, and they give me their signs every time, I really like to pay attention to the facial expressions of the person in front of me, whether the raised eyebrows show a sign that is not really comfortable for the person in front of me, I know for example when fear and worry in the person it happens automatically.

Facial wrinkles is a good example that testifies to truth and sincerity, when all the muscles in the face are in action, both jokingly, or sadly, it is very difficult to fake, I make sure to pay attention to the mouth (apart from the words I make sure to listen) For example covering the mouth with the hands indicates something more, although different cultures do it due to respect for the person in front of you, so it is not worth making decisions, everything here is tips that can help evaluate the person in front of you.

In recent years we have been dealing with a clientele that has entered our stores, some of the customers have double doors with the aim of slightly delaying the entrance to the store, in a few seconds when the customer is standing between the doors, we are supposed to filter the person, identify body movements, look for signs, and know how to assess whether this person is fit to go inside, to a place that from our point of view should be safe, Listening to the stomach at events we experience is very important,  It varies from person to person, I rely on it almost 100 percent, even though there have been isolated cases where I have made a mistake.

Once I entered a luxury store and suspected a person who had turned around in the store, most of his signs made me suspicious of him, I waited in the store for over an hour, and slowly the signs dissipated, the suspect made a big purchase, and I left them full of insights, so do not take everything as something absolute, and permanent.

I will finish precisely with the eyes, because they are one of the most important tools that I use, both to see, and to examine other eyes from which I learn a lot, a person who does not look at us during the conversation, comes to cover something that we want to discover, as long as you do not verify the matter you will remain in the mystery and have to live with the fact that sometimes it will be late.


Rafael Saadon – Think Security Online